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The Artisan Shop & Studio

Ladies Tea - May 11th 1:30pm

Ladies Tea - May 11th 1:30pm

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Join us for a delightful gathering at The Artisan Shop & Studio on May 11th, where we invite you to bring your own teacup and immerse yourself in the charm of our Ladies Tea event. Indulge in a morning or afternoon of elegance, surrounded by artistry and creativity. Whether you choose the 10:30am or 1:30pm session, prepare to sip on exquisite teas, savor delectable treats, and engage in delightful conversations amidst the cozy ambiance of our studio. Feel free to don your finest attire and fancy hat, bring your favorite teacup, and join us for a memorable experience where every sip is a celebration of refined taste and every moment is filled with artistic inspiration. Reserve your spot now for a truly enchanting occasion.

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